La start-up Actvt lève 915 000 euros

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La start-up Actvt lève 915 000 euros

La start-up Actvt a finalisé une levée de fonds d’un montant de 915 000 euros en janvier 2016 auprès de Frci, It Angels, Bpifrance.

Actvt est une startup française basée à Paris, et spécialisée dans les secteurs : Informatique, Edition de logiciels, Applications mobiles

A long, long time ago – okay, maybe it was just 2011 – Alexander Casassovici and Pascal Manchon created Diveboard, a web and mobile application for scuba divers to log and share their diving experiences. The app allowed for fellow divers to discover new places, species, and pictures shared by the community. It was during this time that Alex realized that despite his best efforts in logging and photographing his dives, they barely touched on the stories or the emotions that he felt while diving. After much time spent brainstorming new ideas on how to improve the app’s storytelling process, he met a few creatives and videographers who introduced him to the powers of video. Videos are the ultimate way to tell a story. Unfortunately, for most of us, putting together a good video can be a pretty difficult feat. Cutting and assembling footage to produce a high quality edit can require expensive software, much time, complex technical skills, and an understanding of storytelling. Many have tried to discard the process completely through full automation, while others have planted the abiding manual video editing tools into new user interfaces. actvt rests somewhere in between – allowing users to have creative control while still automating the assembly process. To deliver simplicity we assembled a team of engineers and creatives that deconstructed the editing process and built software that assembles the highlights from your footage into polished short-form edits. Selecting the highlights from your footage is fun and interactive, all it takes is a few taps of the screen. In addition to pulling highlights, users can select an emotional theme (or a clean cut) and a style of music. Now you can share your moments in the same way you experienced them. Our app connects to your phone and your personal media devices to download the footage. That way, it’s super easy to create videos on-the-go and share them with our community as well as on your social media profiles. actvt is a video-creation and social-networking platform where users can easily generate short edits showcasing their experiences and engage with a community that shares their passions. Discover places you want to go, things you want to try, and get excited about personal video. We’re redefining the way you share your favorite moments and experiences, and we’re letting you be part of the creative process.

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